Friday, August 24, 2007
~~My Summer Wrap Up~~
We spent alot of time up at Our friends Lake house which was a blast. We had a lot of quality time as a family there and our kids built their bonds stronger and had so much fun together and were able to just be kids!!!!

We also had a huge summer project of building a deck around our brand new pool in our back yard!!! It is huge and awesome and I love it.. We had our first bbq party on our deck, and will be hosting Cory's 1st birthday out there next saturday.
We took a couple days and headed to Wildwood, NJ and spent the days on the boardwalk and beach and we had so much fun!!! It was a well needed family getaway!
We also spent some time in the hospital. This however was not so much fun. My poor baby was put in for dehydration and on IV for 24 hours. He was such a good sport about the whole thing!
We also had our fair share of concerts. This is me with my very good friend Michelle having a blast at one of the concerts early on in the concert season!~
Here are the Monkey's spending some time at a local splash park which is free to get in. It was a little chilly that day but they had so much fun!!!!
We also went on a trip to Knoebels in PA.. It was awesome!!! We all had so much fun in our Log cabin & then time back up at the lake.

There is still more to come with Cory's 1st birthday upon us, and then our summer ends. I am sad to see it go as Summer is my favorite time of year, but the winter's give us a good break from all of the excitement.

For more End of Summer Party's Go visit Trista at the Pumkin Patch~!

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This year I plan on doing a small project.. Although I will not be homeschooling my children in the future, because preschool is so expensive, I want to do preschool homeschooling. So after labor day during that week, I have yet to pick a day I am going to start with my son Guy who will be 4 in November. I would wait until next year, but he begs and begs for me to do school with him.

I am not going to make it an all day event as he is still very young, but I would love to do activities, and such to help him learn his letters and all of that. So with this I am calling on all of you to help me out here. Leave some comments with some creative advice for homeschooling a preschooler. I have a complete preschool workbook, another preschool workbook and some things that I have found online. I also have a complete library which works with age groups and things. I have an extensive collection of children's books as well which I plan to use along with coloring and crafts.

Any help will be Great help. So please chime on in!!!! :-)

And thank you in advance for your help!


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My Week As A Mother Of 3 (Kinda)
This week ON family fridays... hahaha.. I have been so exhausted.. This week has been CRAZY!!! I have been watching my nephew, who i used to watch 5 days a week 10 hours a day, but he is in between preschool summer camp & Kindergarten so I get to have him. He is a great kid and causes me no problems at all, but waking up early and caring for my own two kids plus one is a little more tiring! I seem to get more done while he is here as he keeps my kids entertained!

This week, I organized Cory's clothes (changed them out from one size to the next). I organized all the toys and put them in their new homes. And got some cleaning done. I also got to the store, ran to the bank a few times, brought my neice to the dr., but the best yet.. I got to get Cory's 1 year photo's done!!! Check them out!

And one for the books, this is Guy (left) & My nephew Anthony (right) last halloween. They love to dress up as superhero's as you can see!!!! This is normal for them. I have him again next week and have to prepare for Cory's 1st Birthday party... This should be interesting!
Come join me in Family Fridays.. Write about something You and your family have done together over the past week or plan on doing, whether it be watching a family friendly movie, a fabulous family recipe, a fun family recipe your child(ren) helped with, a fantastic family game, products your family thinks are far out, or just simply taking a family trip out and about. Whatever it may be we would love to hear about it!


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Awesome Giveaways!!!!!
Mod*mom is having some majorly awesome giveaways!!! One of them include's a dyson vaccuum!!!! who doesnt want that??? An Awesome Stroller, Bike rack, Chair booster & some whole food gift cards!!!! Anyone who is a "mod*mom" should for sure go check out her Mod*mom Blog!!!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Google Name Image Meme
Lorie Tagged me for this fun meme: Here are the rules!
Here are the rules:
1) Go to Google.
2) Click on Google images.
3) Type in your name and search.
4) Re post (w/ a link) the picture of the oddest, craziest, strangest, coolest, oldest, etc. person that shares your name. Post multiples if you find a few you like.
5) Pass it on to at least 5 other people.

This is Liz Chocolate
Meet Liz the Elephant

I tag for this meme whoever reads this!!! :-) It's a fun one so I hope you join in! :-)


  posted at 8/21/2007 10:07:00 AM  

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Some Wonderful News In Bloggityville!!!!

So I just came across this wonderful Blog Three Wild Monkeys! that I am going to partial to for obvious reasons!!! :-) But she is having an awesome Scrapbook giveaway. I dont know about you all, but I have been slacking in the scrapbooking department. My older son is caught up all the way til his 3rd birthday but my youngest only has the first week of his life done. How awful is that. I could totally use these products because I do have it on my list of one of the many things to do Mid-September when the cooler weather approaches!

So head on Over and check out her blog!!! It looks like so much fun!!!

Now on to more news.....

Trista over at The Pumkin Patch is hosting an "End Of Summer Party" in bloggy world! You can post pictures of summer fun, or recap on your summer as it comes to an end. You can even post and host giveaway fun at this awesome party! The Party will run from Monday August 20th through Friday August 24th. So Come and Join in on the fun!!! To find out the details on how to link up visit the "End Of Summer Party".

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